Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Getting to Know the Artist

ARtiSt Interview with LoRi KooP...

Tell me a little bit about yourself? Hmmmm. I'm 48, live in Sierra Madre, love creating and living fully. I spend a LOT of time in the intangible and imaginative space of my mind. It's definitely "home".

What do you make and what is the process? I am a fine artist using clay/ceramics to explore living and myself.

What inspires you to create? The endless possibilities... the "what if?s" and the happy accidents.

How do you see your craft evolving over the next year or two? Ceramics has been very much the same for centuries. That's the beauty of the medium. To push it tho, I and a handful of peers manipulate the surface by pressing into it with various interesting, texture making objects. (hint: everything pressed into clay leaves a mark. discovery is the next best thing...no, the BEST thing!)

What is your favorite aspect of being an artist? I love the play. The opportunity to be a curious kid and the process of questioning, searching and uncovering the conversation. Could be the shape. Could be the little pattern that formed "right there". It's random, and it's beautiful! Yes, like a little surprise, a present, in each experience. It's also a spiritual lifeline.

What do you enjoy doing when your not creating? I LOVE learning. So, if I'm not with clay, I search the internet, take classes, visit with friends. People fascinate me.

Are there any tips you would like to share for someone who wants to turn their "hobby" into a business? DO IT! If you have the urge, follow it. And whether "it works" or it doesn't, you have succeeded in giving it life. And it will always lead to the next step. Frankly I'm learning it's about the path, the journey of standing up to the fear. And becoming your whole, authentic self.

Any tips or suggestions on marketing yourself? Be yourself. Put yourself before the people who love your work. Teach them something they can apply to their life...a lesson learned, a process discovered, a trip taken. Everyone loves a good story and tell it in your voice. It's possible to have terrific and lose internet friends and buyers.

Anything you would like to share of interest? My latest lesson...when you think "oh, that's the way it's always been", and you desperately want it to be different. It CAN be. You just may need to get help to accomplish it. Hire a professional or enlist a friend. There is a never ending supply of hope.

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