Sunday, September 5, 2010

Fun at the Flea Market!

Last week we had the chance to check out the new flea market at Dodger Stadium. The kids came along hoping to find their own treasures...
It was such a cool feeling driving into the enormous parking lot of Dodger Stadium without the intention of going to a game.
Freely driving around, we found the tents!
Parking was free, $7 to get in, our kids passed without paying so all was good!
For some reason hunger sets in when you arrive at a flea market or amusement after a couple aisles, we looked for food.
A great selection of food trucks...they are so popular now! These trucks are gourmet restaurants on wheels...nothing like the old roach coach...the view from up top was spectacular.

We had a great time:) It was not very crowded, vendor selection was somewhat slim and the vintage section was only a couple of aisles wide...but overall, we found some cool stuff, ate good food and really enjoyed ourselves.
Hopefully the flea market will catch on...we will continue to support!

We love mixing old with new!!!

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