Thursday, June 24, 2010

New Artisans!

I feel like I haven't posted in so long and maybe it's because I haven't! One day it's June 1 and now we are at the end of the month....I don't know where the time has gone. With school getting out, computers crashing and vacations in the midst...everyone is busy!
We are so blessed to have new artisans bring in their treasures...welcome "ramona paloma"
Two wonderful women who have created a special series of tiles. You can tell their heart and soul are engraved in the tiles...they are incredibly sweet, unique and beautiful(the tiles and the artist) Can you tell we are excited!
New hats just arrived from San Diego Hat Co....they are perfect for our small town. Everyone walks, works in their yards and attends outdoor events. The hats are UV50...I never knew hats contained UV!
Tyn Atol just brought in adorable garden markers for your herbs, vegetables and inspirations...made of vintage silverware, she has created something very functional and incredibly sweet.
Tyn is doing our July window display...I'll make sure to take photos and share, also look for the future postings of her workshops she will be teaching at the Nest.
So much is going on and new things are arriving weekly, I will do my best to keep you updated.
Have a great weekend!

Please join us for our artist reception Friday evening 6-8pm featuring James Faulkner.

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