Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Beauty of Spring!

Grow your own vegetables…this past year I started a vegetable garden…it has been long in coming. I’ve been wanting to do this for the past 12 years and finally got to it over spring of 2009(that sounds so long ago!)

For so many years, I would imagine this glorious setting ~ my yard would become this lush area giving me the feeling I was in the county somewhere growing my vegetables and picking my flowers….
On the contrary, it was nothing like that! I do love where I live, but my yard does not come even close to a country setting….i’m still waiting for grass!

Needless to say, I did plant my garden…with the help of my wonderful DAD. My kids did not partake in the process as I had once invisioned but atleast they do know it exists!
I need to share of photo of my dad gardening as he has been a HUGE inspiration for us in all aspects of our lives!

Since doing this, the excitement to go outside, take care of my garden, water my plants and harvest my vegetables…(some good, some not so good) has been the biggest treat for me!

I know my kids notice and see the change…when we eat, they’ll ask at times, “is this from our garden”….Oh JOY!

I am certainly not a garden expert, or a Martha Stewart…but the wonderful news is...Loni Brown, Horticulturist will be teaching a couple garden classes beginning mid April in our charming patio to all us gardener's in the making. She will share great information and also touch on composting. LOOK OUT FOR A POSTING OF HER CLASSES IN THE NEXT COUPLE DAYS.
My only suggestion would be to start small to not overwhelm yourself, try to get your kids involved with some part of the process….even if it’s just the watering! They will never forget!!!

I can't wait to tackle my garden this year...If you have any tips to share, any planting ideas...we'd love to hear about it!

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soulflower said...

how fun...im always excited by the possibilites in the garden this time of year...we have been growing a vegetable garden the last 4 years!