Sunday, February 21, 2010

Featured Artist

Our monthly featured artist began when we opened this February. The plan is to host a new artist every month giving them exposure and giving us something wonderful to look at and buy.
The artist for February is Cheryl Duboucheron. Her oil paintings will be showcased through this week, coming down on Sunday the's not to be missed, her work is really beautiful.
To give you some background on this talented artist ~

Cheryl Duboucheron studied art at Otis Art Institute. She has been creating art for over thirty years doing mostly drawings, collages and sculptures. Seven years ago she started oil painting. Her favorite subject is the human face which expresses such diversity of expressions and emotions.

An other of her interest is flower painting, flowers showing a wide variety of shapes and colors.

The shape of Georgia O'Keeffe, Mary Cassett uses of intimate drama, the powerful emotions by Kathe Kollwitz and the rich impasto of Van Gogh and Wayne Thiebaud, among other artist works, are teh things that influence her work.

She is married and lives in Pasadena. She has two sons with wives and four adult step children with grandchildren.

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